North American Hub Gatherings.

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At the heart of what we do as a movement is to plant and strengthen churches. One of the ways we seek to strengthen is to build and nurture the relationships between churches, so that we can express authentic partnership in the gospel. These gathering moments are for building up leaders, strengthening bonds and increasing collaboration and partnership as we enjoy the gift of friendship within our family of churches.

Advance churches in the North American region are grouped into three hubs. Church leaders recently gathered in these respective hubs during October. There was such a joy as leaders were able to connect, build relationships, pray, worship, and hear powerful input together. 

The theme of all three hub gatherings was “The Prophetic Church”, and much time was spent intentionally looking at how to ‘rebuild’ after this past season. Although each of these gatherings were dubbed ‘conferences’, it was often the dinner table, the coffee cart, and the corridor where the most memorable moments were shared. After this period of being unable to connect and enjoy in-person connection, the appreciation for friendships, as well and a deep mutual understanding of the experience of the last two years, was a real highlight.

Below are some photos of the gatherings. Please find some audio recordings at the end of this post from the Central Hub Gathering. If there is a specific session you would like the recording of, please email and we’ll get it to you.