TBT: Proclamation – Terran Williams


In today’s #TBT resource, we hear from Terran Williams at Global Conference 2015. Terran teaches on the proclamation of the Gospel, and its place in our ministry. He opens with an outline of what proclamation is, and then helps us understand how best to put it to work, using a range of practical examples. The talk includes a couple of … Read More

TBT: Elder lead churches – PJ Smyth


In today’s #TBT resource we hear from PJ Smyth at one of Advance’s earliest gatherings, Global Conference 2015. PJ does an extensive teaching on Elders, working through their genesis, role, qualification for appointment and key roles in the church. A great starting point for a deep dive on Eldership, or a training moment for your church’s leadership teams. PJ teaches … Read More

In case you missed it | October


Every month Advance publishes a newsletter, recapping highlights from within the movement in the month past. This month, you can read about the first Central Hub Conference in North America, updates from church plants into Chiang Ria, Tavistock, Dar es Salaam and Cape Town. There are also a number of new conference recordings available from two South African hub gatherings. … Read More

TBT: Multiply churches – Gareth Bowley


In today’s #TBT resource, we hear from Gareth Bowley (Reconciliation Road Church, South Africa). The session was recorded at their recent Kwa-Zulu Natal Hub gathering for eldership teams in October 2019. Gareth gives us four compelling reasons that church planting (directly, or through partnership) should remain a priority for every community of believers.

From Dar Es Salaam, with Love


Sheshi and Trudie Kaniki planted into Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in 2013. They recently ran an evangelistic campaign in their city, titled ‘Love Dar’. We caught up with Sheshi to find out more about the campaign, and the various events and activities they hosted. It is awesome to see multiple points along the way that God’s Tribe was inspired by, … Read More

TBT: Gaze or go – Donnie Griggs


In today’s #TBT (Throwback Thursday) resource, we hear from Donnie Griggs at Global Conference 2015. Once Jesus departs, the disciples find them selves charged to action, but tempted to remain spectators. Donnie parallels their story with a modern day leaning toward inactivity in ministry. The talk offers insight into the ethos of our movement, from its earliest gathering, as we … Read More

An update from Steve and Jenny Norris in Tavistock


Steve, can you remind us where you guys are based and the background to Redeemer Tavistock? Tavistock is a market town in West Devon, right in the heart of Dartmoor, one of the most beautiful regions in England. Tavistock has a population of around 13,000 people and serves a larger population of around 30,000 in the surrounding area. It is … Read More

TBT: Patient perseverance – Nkululeko Mahlanyane


Today’s #TBT resource is from Global Conference 2015. Nkululeko Mahlanyane briefly shares some simple but powerful insights into the work of each church, and church leader. A great listen for those who need a fresh reminder of the nature of ministry. He notes patience as a characteristic of Gospel advance in Scripture, the danger of jumping to conclusions as we … Read More

Leading a church in the inner city of Cape Town


Paul and Lee-Ann Maughan took the lead at Common Ground’s established city center congregation just over a year ago. Paul and Lee give us a bit of background on their move, their experience of city living and some helpful resources they have discovered to strengthen their ministry. Paul, you and Lee-Ann were part of a healthy congregation, involved and engaged … Read More

TBT: Reproducing courageous leaders – Donnie Griggs


In today’s #TBT resource from the North American Eastern Hub Conference 2019, Donnie Griggs asks the question ‘What sort of leaders do we need when living in exile?’. He contrasts our inclination to appoint leaders because of sentiment or need with Paul’s instruction to the Philippians; working through a range of characteristics and frailties to be cognizant of when appointing … Read More