Redeemer Church UK plants into the town of Saltash.

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At the heart of who we are as a movement of churches is this desire to see healthy churches planted and strengthened – and we celebrate when we get to watch that unfold. Recently, in the UK, a new church has been planted. Like other churches which have launched in this strange season, we see the undeniable hand of God, as he has been rooting and establishing this gospel outpost in the community of Saltash.

On the 26th of September 2021, Redeemer Church Saltash officially came into being. In 2013, the wider Redeemer church team believed God had spoken about a 10-15 year plan to grow a large city-wide, city-impacting church in Plymouth, and to plant four other churches in Tavistock, Saltash, Ivybridge and Callington.

In response to this, Jon and Dee White and their son, moved to Saltash in 2014. Joining with a handful of others who already lived in the town, they established a great rapport with the community through involvement with community events.

The Cardboard Boat Race as part of the Saltash Regatta, the Wheelbarrow Race as part of the annual Kalan Gwav harvest event; the annual Christmas fair, have all been magnificently organised and carried out by a church that was yet to be planted!

“COVID, far from hindering plans, accelerated the launch of Redeemer Saltash.”

Covid, far from hindering plans, accelerated the launch of Redeemer Saltash. Utilising online capability, the group could meet in The Core Youth and Community centre to watch the service together. Since September, worship and hosting went live, and numbers have grown with new people joining, including many people who don’t usually go to church.

At the launch, the local councillor, Sarah Martin, voluntarily welcomed Redeemer Saltash, and said that the town was better off because the church was there and active.

“…the town was better off because the church was there and active.”

Looking forward, please join them in praying for Life Groups to be multiplied, that teams will grow, and God willing, live preaching will begin in 2022 as Jon White takes the reins leading the emerging team.

Watch this space – we are so encouraged by what God is doing and stand with the Redeemer team as they pioneer in this new sphere.

If you would like to send a specific encouragement, or connect with someone on the Redeemer Team, please email and we will be sure to connect you!