An update from Matt & Alli Gould in Springville, UT


Matt, can you remind us where you are located and tell us a bit about the area?
Grace Bible Church is located in Springville, Utah, a small town adjacent to the city of Provo where the Mormon school Brigham Young University is located. We have been serving in Utah since 2012.

What is the latest news from the Gould family?
Our family is doing well! Our daughter Norah (4) is enjoying ballet lessons over the summer, our son Isaiah (2) loves all things baseball, and our newest addition, Eva, was just born in May. She was born six weeks early and spent her first three weeks of life in the NICU, we are praising God that she is healthy and home with us now! Alli and I are both tired but we are really enjoying this season of life and ministry!!

Your church is in a unique context, in Mormon heartland, what keeps you energized in what many would assume is an unreceptive environment?
There are a few things that have helped us remain energized in our ministry context, one has been increased intentionality regarding our personal soul-care. Trying to be extra attentive to how our hearts are doing both personally and as a couple/family, discerning when to press forward and when to pull back for rest and renewal.

As unreceptive as the field often seems it is always encouraging for us to remember instances of God’s faithfulness and redemptive power that we have witnessed over the last seven years, remembering the people we’ve seen be set free from religious works and rather transformed by the grace of God!

Have you come across any resources lately that have been an encouragement, that might help other church leaders in the movement?
Two books that I have read recently that I really enjoyed were The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen and Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley Barton

What can the movement pray for?
We would love to have people join us in praying for:

  • continued softening and receptivity toward the gospel in Springville, and
  • for our church family to continue to pursue and embrace a deeper expression of mission!