GodFirst Church Barry, a young plant into the Welsh town of the same name, officially partnered with Advance at the recent UK Conference. Rhys and Rachel Gronow give us an introduction to their fellowship and the journey to partnership with Advance. Can you give us a brief bio of the Gronow family? We are Rhys and Rachel Gronow. We live ... Read More

Dave Adams has been heading up the Advance Church Planter training course in South Africa for a number of years. The group is well into its fourth cycle of training. We caught up with Dave for an update on the South African cohorts progress. Advance’s Church Planting Course (ACPC) is our best effort to create a contemporary and practical teaching ... Read More

In the last couple of years Gareth Bowley, Robert Dlamini and their team at Reconciliation Road Church have been involved in the training and equipping of church planters based in under-resourced areas – rural and urban. The team has developed a training program, which will run an extended pilot in partnership with a couple of Advance churches in South Africa ... Read More

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