A new initiative, launched by Common Ground Church in Cape Town, aims to take its best resources and give them away for free. We asked Julie Williams, who is heading up the project, to give us some background on Common Resources and elaborate on what is available... If you’re a church leader, you’ll know how valuable it is to find ... Read More

Alan Frow, lead Elder of a fantastic, multiplying Advance partner church in Southern California has just published his third book, Broken for Blessing: The underrated potential of a medium-sized multiplying church. We asked Alan to send us some background to his new book, and to give us an overview of the themes he covers. Here follows Alan’s blog post, originally ... Read More

Mike and Esole Duff have been leading the charge at Cornerstone, Newcastle for 7 years now. Check out this update on their progress, next steps for Cornerstone Church NCL and some ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle after a couple of years in leadership.

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