TBT: Leading, when leading is tough – Brian Barr


In today’s Throwback Thursday (#TBT) resource, we hear from Brian Barr at the Global Conference, 2017. Brian presents an honest charge to church leaders facing trying circumstances. Examining Nehemiah’s response to opposition, Brian reminds us that in tough moments it is our duty to encourage faith in others, oppose the enemy and continue the work we are called to.

Mission and the family of God – Iain Kennedy


Iain and Lindsay Kennedy have recently planted into the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. In this session Iain reflects on his own experience of seeing Glaswegians come to Christ. He emphasizes the significant role that Christian community, embracing a sacrificial, missional posture that reaches into the dry places, has had in reaching these new believers with the Gospel.

TBT: Evangelisgm – Lex Loizides


Every Thursday, we share a Throwback-Thursday resource on our blog. These resources come out of the Advance conference recording archive, stretching back to the first gatherings held in 2015. This is a recording from the Advance Global Conference 2015, by Lex Loizides. The conference was hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. Lex Loizides leads the city congregation of Jubilee Community … Read More

TBT: On mission together – Daniel Yu


In today’s #TBT resource, Daniel Yu teaches on the contribution of each generation to mission. Daniel and Marcia Yu planted into Chiang Rai, Thailand two years ago, out of Southlands church in Southern California. In this session Daniel parallels the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer, his own family’s journey to planting in Thailand, and the way each generation … Read More

TBT: Love the church – Mbonisi Malaba


In today’s TBT resource, Mbonisi Malaba, of One Tribe Church in Nairobi, exhorts us to love Jesus’ bride, as Jesus does. He introduces the topic with a brief enactment of a wedding ceremony, and challenges listeners to commit to sacrificial patience, perseverance and celebration of the church, acknowledging that our relationship with the local church is not always easy.

TBT: Living with Gospel intentionality – Lois Franks


In today’s TBT resource, Lois Franks calls us to “Live with Gospel intentionality”. Lois and Ben planted into the Rhondda Valley’s of South Wales a few years ago, and have been steadily growing a healthy church in a community facing significant socio-economic challenges. Despite the challenges, she reflects on her own experiences and the many opportunities their church has discovered … Read More

TBT: Genuine Relationships – Donnie Griggs


In today’s TBT resource, Donnie Griggs reminds us that one of Advance’s distinctive values is genuine relationship. He speaks of his own experience in leadership, and how the next generation must fight for these crucial connections. What will it take? Donnie walks through the real challenges, the personal postures, practices and patterns we must establish to succeed in building robust, … Read More

TBT: Leadership in the midst of ethical shifts


In this TBT (Throwback Thursday) resource from the North America Conference 2016, Matthew Hosier talks to the challenge of leadership in the church amidst ethical shifts in the world. How do we lead in a Christian society that is inclined to interpret commands in scripture through present day culture. Did you know? The entire Advance library of conference recordings is … Read More

TBT: Your future depends on the Holy Spirit


The Gauteng Hub, in South Africa, gathered their churches at Cornerstone Church, on 7 April 2019 for a Together Sunday. Their guest speaker was David Holden, who is part of the New Frontiers apostolic team. David is married to Liz and they have four grown-up children and an ever increasing number of grandchildren, with whom he enjoys spending time. He … Read More

TBT: A letter to my 25 year old self

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In this resource from our archive, Corey Sanders from the Movement Church in Homestead, Florida shares some thoughtful lessons learnt over the years. Among a number of points, Corey notes the importance of what we believe about God; the dangers of ‘fake it till you make it’; and the need to be more aware of what is going on with … Read More