Lead Couples’ Gatherings


In South Africa, the US and in the UK, Lead Couples from Advance partner churches gathered recently. We celebrate how online church and video calls have served our unity and connected us as a movement in new ways. However, it has also been a reminder of the gift of in-person, embodied fellowship. Leaders from the UK, South Africa and the … Read More

Evangelism in a skeptical society


In many of the neighbourhoods, towns and cities our churches are based in there is an increasing amount of skepticism toward the Gospel. While there continue to be healthy, growing churches in these areas, there is an acknowledgement that the tide of assumed familiarity with the church, the Bible and the Gospel message is receding broadly in these areas. Two … Read More

Reaching the unreached: lessons from Nairobi


In 2017 two intrepid evangelists from OneTribe Church began visiting university campuses in Nairobi to share the Gospel with students. Taylor Dietmeier and Kerby McKinnell connected with two deaf students on one such outreach and OneTribe church has never been the same again. The two students (Vincent and Harrison) were invited to attend a Sunday meeting at OneTribe. The church … Read More

In case you missed it | February

AdvanceIn case you missed it

Every month Advance publishes a range of movement updates, stories from partner churches and interesting articles on our social media channels. We have compiled a short summary of February news, in case you missed it! This month includes church planting updates from Cape Town and Antananarivo, an update on the growth of Advance’s Theology Course and some great new books … Read More

Advance’s Theology Course closing in on 500 participants already


“People have gained a love for God’s word and a passion for theology. We worship in a deeper way now.” “There’s been a deeper appreciation of the whole Bible story for those on the course.” “It’s a really excellent course which we aim to require anyone to complete to be an elder in our church.” “Having three elders in training do the course … Read More

Planting update from Common Ground Church in Cape Town


South Africa has not been spared the turmoil and loss resulting from COVID-19. During 2020 the country fluctuated between varying levels of restrictions. Come March 2021, the country will have spent a full year under national restrictions on movement and gathering. It was into these dramatic conditions that Common Ground Church launched its 11th congregation into the Cape Town metro … Read More

Church planting update from Antananarivo


In the final quarter of 2019, Tana City Center Church (TCC) launched two new plants into Antananarivo, Madagascar. Having established gatherings of around 30 people, both plants were forced to stop gathering during 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdown in the capital city. “[The neighbourhoods of] Tanjombato and Andoharanofotsy are located in the southern part of Tana, it is a fast … Read More

In case you missed it | January

AdvanceIn case you missed it, News

Every month Advance publishes a range of movement updates, stories from partner churches and interesting articles on our social media channels. We have compiled a short summary of January news, in case you missed it! This month, we feature PJ Smyth’s new book launch, inspiring stories of Gospel advance during nationwide lockdowns and Advance community updates from around the world. … Read More

Planting a church during a national lockdown


In late March 2020, as the COVID-19 virus swept across the globe, the South African government implemented a strict national lockdown which went on to last through April until early May. The lockdown was one of the most severe implemented globally, shutting all businesses and restricting the movement of citizens to weekly grocery shopping trips. Exercise and outdoor activities were … Read More

Update: Church Planting training in South Africa


Dave Adams, Advance Church Planting Course facilitator for South Africa, updates us on their activity in 2020. 2020 was the eighth year that ACPC has been running in South Africa. Despite the significant challenges that we’ve all experienced in 2020 with lockdowns that have disrupted so much of what we do, ACPC has continued to help equip those in our … Read More