Notice: Cancellation of Advance Africa Conference


It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel the Advance Africa Conference taking place in Johannesburg next week.

We have, in consultation with those high up in the medical profession, considered and weighed the input and believe that it is the wise and kind decision to cancel. We do this with a heavy heart as we are aware of the kingdom cost, and of those who have given sacrificially towards getting there, booking flights and accommodation. We were all so looking forward to being together. But, in light of the growing challenges around the Coronavirus and how we would want people in all sectors of community to respond, we felt it wisest to cancel the event.

With people coming from places where Coronavirus is at a more developed stage this poses a risk to all of us attending the conference. For many of us we have people in our congregations with immune deficiencies and so that puts them at risk as well. We are also aware of those coming from African countries who do not have the Coronavirus, and so being with us in South Africa puts them at risk, and potentially their congregations and local contexts too.

We acknowledge that this is a very difficult decision to make. It is not something we wanted to do. Those who know us well know that there is nothing we were looking forward to more than being together next week, but we feel it right to make this decision now – giving you as much time as possible to make the necessary cancellations.

We appreciate your prayers and support. In God we really do feel that it is the right decision.

The Advance Africa Leadership Team