Global conference session summaries


Advance hosted its bi-annual Global Conference in Cape Town, South Africa on 29 – 31 May, 2019. The event included 3 full days together, and an array of short and long form input sessions. Below, you will find a summary of each session with video recording alongside. Audio recordings are available on the Advance Movement podcast, as well as our resource archive.

Day 1

PJ Smyth – Generation to generation
PJ and Ashleigh Smyth lead Advance’s Global team, and are based on the East coast of the United States. PJ opens the conference with a vignette from Psalm 127, to introduce the theme and calibrate our thoughts for the week together. He uses the Psalm’s bowman and arrow imagery to flesh out the team’s conviction that the Lord is calling us to be churches that are intentionally ‘deformed’ in our prioritization of investment into the next generation of leaders.

Donnie Griggs – Raising up leaders for the next generation
Donnie and Jill Griggs lead One Harbour Church, a thriving church based in a small town in North Carolina, USA. Since planting One Harbor with a small group of friends, he and his team have raised up a large group of young men and women that have enabled the church to plant sites across Eastern North Carolina. Donnie talks through his own convictions around leadership development and what is and is not important.

Daniel Yu – On mission together
Daniel and Marcia Yu planted into Chiang Rai, Thailand two years ago. In this session Daniel parallels the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer, his own family’s journey to planting in Thailand, and the way each generation contributes to seeing God’s plan play out in all its multi-faceted beauty.

Iain Kennedy – Mission and the family of God
Iain and Lyndsay Kennedy have recently planted into the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. In this session Iain reflects on his own experience of seeing Glaswegians come to Christ. He emphasizes the significant role that Christian community, embracing a sacrificial, missional posture that reaches into the dry places, has had in reaching these new believers with the Gospel.

Mbonisi Malaba – Love the church
Mbonisi, lead elder of One Tribe Church in Nairobi, Kenya exhorts us to love Jesus’ bride, as Jesus does. He introduces the topic with a brief enactment of a wedding ceremony, and challenges listeners to commit to sacrificial patience, perseverance and celebration of the church, acknowledging that our relationship with the local church is not always easy.

Day 2

Corey Sanders – To my generation I would say…
Corey and Robin Sanders planted into Homestead, Florida a couple of years ago. Corey speaks to his peers, the Zennials, and charges them to hold high three things: Good relationships, Character and Risk for the sake of the Gospel.

Ryan Saville – To my generation I would say…
Ryan and Sachi Saville are part of the team leading Jubilee Community Church’s inner city plant, alongside the Lex and Jo Loizides. Ryan delivers some powerful thoughts on the importance of destroying the idol of race. He emphasizes that successful urban ministry in particular requires churches that are humble, justice seeking and transformed to thrive in the multi-cultural environment of modern cities.

Lois Franks – To my generation I would say…
“Live with Gospel intentionality” is the charge from Lois Franks. Lois and Ben planted into the Rhondda Valley’s of South Wales a few years ago, and have been steadily growing a healthy church in a community facing significant socio-economic challenges. Despite the challenges, she reflects on her own experiences and the many opportunities their church has discovered to reach people with God’s good news.

Stephen Van Rhyn – Passing on the Gospel
Stephen and Anna Van Rhyn lead Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town. Stephen exhorts us to pass on the full Gospel to the next generation, treasuring and preserving every aspect.

Day 3

Alan Frow – Asking like Achsah
Alan and Rynelle Frow lead Southlands Church, in Southern California. In this session, Alan interrogates the story of Achsah in Joshua 15. He begins with a quote from Charles Spurgeon, which aptly summarizes the session ‚ÄúThis brief account … gives us a potent insight into the dynamics of prayer. Here is a picture of an earthly father called Caleb who gives a good gift to his children as they ask. God invites us to investigate the nature of their asking, and the nature of his giving, to give us a glimpse into the dynamics of prayer.”

Mosala Balatseng – Fathering the next generation
Mosala and Makhosi Balatseng are based in Pietermaritzburg, on the East Coast of South Africa. Mosala shares his passion for the next generation, and what is required of the older generation in order to raise up strong men and women to lead our churches in future. He emphasizes the need to serve as parents in the faith, and the inevitability of sacrifice for the sake of those that follow.

Donnie Griggs – Genuine relationships
Donnie and Jill Griggs lead One Harbour Church, a thriving church based in a small town in North Carolina, USA. Donnie reminds us that one of Advance’s distinctive values is genuine relationship. He speaks of his own experience in leadership, and how the next generation must fight for these crucial connections. What will it take? Donnie walks through the real challenges, the personal postures, practices and patterns we must establish to succeed in building robust, authentic relationships as a movement.

Matthew Hosier – Fight the good fight
Matthew and Grace Hosier lead Gateway Church, on the South Coast of England. Matt preaches the final session of the Global Conference, charging all present to fight the good fight. To fight for genuine relationships, for confidence in our calling, for a robust faith and for a clear conscience. He reminds us that these aspects of our life and ministry may not be enjoyed without focused pursuit. However they will open the door to joy, longevity and fruitful lives in the service of God.