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MVMT Updates: Grace London

    Perhaps the biggest step forward has been the establishment of our new leadership team. The aim is that those of us on the team are tracking towards eldership, figuring out if that is the call on each of our lives, and beginning to take on load...

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      Part 2: Understanding Partnership

      04.23.15 | Advance Global | by PJ Smyth

      Partnership is a thoroughly biblical word used to describe both church leaders working together and churches working together. We prefer to speak of partnership rather than joining to help emphasise the missional nature of Advance. “Joining” can...

        Part 1: The Big Idea

        04.23.15 | Advance Global | by PJ Smyth

        And this same commission comes to every subsequent generation – it has to because the generations are not born believers. Every generation needs to be freshly evangelised. The Book of Acts needs to happen in every generation. Here’s the Big Idea...

          Part 4: Doctrine & Values

          04.23.15 | Advance Global | by PJ Smyth

          The following Values of Partner Churches provides an overview of the main biblical values that we encourage partner churches to use as a framework to inspire and guide them into a compelling practice of New Testament church. Additionally, you are...