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The UK and Europe

The United Kingdom contributes a population of 64 million to Europe’s wider population of 740 million. Although the UK is tough mission field, Europe as a whole might be the continent that is most resistant to the claims and teachings of Christ, and therefore the UK and Europe are a major focus of our mission.

When Christ commanded the early church to take the gospel to all nations, he had in mind 21st Century UK and Europe. He also had in mind you. Together, let us continue planting and strengthening churches in our generation in this great mission field.

Advance is a registered charity in England and Wales, No. 1180592.


PJ Smyth, assisted by Matt Hosier, gives a lead to this early stage of our partnership in UK and Europe. Please contact Matthew Hosier for more information on Advance in the UK and Europe.

Where are we working?

We have 10-15 churches in various stages of being planted or becoming partner churches across the UK, and none yet in Europe.


In view of the small number of partner churches that we currently have in the UK, all our partner churches in the UK are currently working together as one Hub. For more about Hubs, please read Document 6: Leadership and Regions.

Advance Church Planters Course

Read out more about the Planter’s Course in the UK and Europe or contact direct.

Giving To Our UK And European Mission

For giving to both our Global Mission and your Hub Mission, please use the following account:


Advance Partner Churches in UK and Europe

Please view our map for a complete list of Advance churches in the United Kingdom.

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