The Book of Acts covers 30 years. Think of how many churches were planted in just 30 years by the first disciples of Jesus. Every generation needs their own Book of Acts because every generation needs to be freshly evangelized.

We have the same God, the same commission, and the same power of the Spirit that they had. More than that, we have the full canon of scripture, 2000 years more experience, and immense technology at our disposal. What could we do in the next 30 years if we took God at His word, drew on His power, and partnered together?

The Big Idea of Advance is this: Let’s do it again. Let’s do the Book of Acts again. In our generation.


If we are to achieve New Testament results we need to imitate New Testament practice. Individuals and churches partnered together, and churches also partnered with each other to achieve more than they could alone (2 Cor 8:23, Phil 1:3-5). Both maturity and mission were enhanced through partnership. What do we partner around?

  • Similar Doctrine and Values
  • Shared Mission (Planting and Strengthening)
  • Genuine Relationship Recognised,
  • Suitably Gifted Leadership

We have prepared 8 documents which dive deeper into these pillars of partnership. If you and your church are considering partnership these documents are a great starting point.

Check out the session recordings below to get a richer feel for the personality of our movement, how it is structured and how we work together.


The team giving a lead to the Global Movement includes: PJ & Ashleigh Smyth, Stephen & Anna Van Rhyn, Rigby & Sue Wallace, Ryan & Kate TerMorshuizen, Alan & Rynelle Frow, Brian & Rachel Barr, Donnie & Jill Griggs and Matt & Grace Hosier.

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